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    Gifted Student Support The Gifted and Talented Coordinator will be working with teachers and leadership staff during the 2015-2016 school year to embed gifted accommodations into regular instruction.  Through PLCs and one-to-one meetings, the Coordinator will assist teachers with lesson development, supplemental resources, and teaching strategies to ensure the needs of gifted students are met.Gifted Student Services PlanAll students in grades 4-12 who have been formally identified as gifted or talented shall receive services as identified on the student’s GSSP (Gifted Student Services Plan).The GSSP is a yearly educational plan which matches a formally identified gifted student’s interests, needs and abilities to differentiated service options and serves as the communication vehicle between the parents and school personnel.

    The teacher uses information in the GSSP related to the identified gifted student’s interests, needs and abilities to differentiate the curriculum. Differentiated service options mean educational experiences which extend, replace or supplement learning beyond the standard curriculum.

    The GT staff will ensure that all GSSP’s are developed as recommended and will work with classroom teachers to support the implementation of differentiation strategies.

    An integrated project addressing an authentic community issue will be completed by the middle school gifted and talented students.