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  • Instruction

    The purpose of the Knox County School District Instructional Plan is to present a clear and concise framework for instruction to students in the district. This plan will provide public understanding and awareness of the instructional framework and strategies provided for students and learners of all ages in the Knox County School District. The plan primarily addresses two types of school district audiences: internal (students, teachers, staff, administration, and Board of Education) and external (parents, businesses, civic groups, religious groups, and other members of the Knox County community).

    Our objective is to improve instruction at all grade levels. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) requires that Knox County Public Schools (KCPS) develop, implement, and monitor a district-wide instructional plan and process that ensures teachers develop lesson plans and instructional strategies that:

    1. clearly inform students of learning expectations and standards of performance,

    2. informs students of how they will demonstrate learning and provide students examples of how they will demonstrate learning,

    3. formatively assess student learning to guide and modify instruction and provide o-going student performance feedback,

    4. provide students with exemplars of high quality work,

    5. require student collaboration and self-reflection,

    6. address student development of critical thinking skills, and

    7. are individualized to meet unique student learning needs.