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  • Career Readiness

    What does it mean to be career ready upon graduating from the Knox County Public Schools?

    Career readiness measures the level of preparation a high school graduate needs in order to proceed to the next step in a chosen career, whether that is postsecondary coursework, industry certification or entry into the workforce.

    According to the Association of Career and Technical Education, career readiness includes core academic skills and the ability to apply those skills to concrete situations in order to function in the workplace and in routine daily activities; employability skills, such as critical thinking and responsibility, that are essential in any career area; and technical, job-specific skills related to a specific career pathway.

    In Kentucky, career readiness consists of two parts:  academic and technical understanding.   Once a student has completed two career and technical education classes and is enrolled in the third, they may begin taking assessments towards career readiness.  It is important to note that the student must successfully complete the third course in order to receive credit for meeting benchmarks on the assessments and to be eligible for career readiness.  Ultimately, the goal is for the student to complete all four courses in a career pathway sequence and to earn Industry Certification.

    Part 1:  Academic

    Academic understanding of skills and concepts is measured by one of two assessments,  the ASVAB or the ACT WorkKeys.  Career students can take either assessment with the goal of meeting benchmarks of (50) on the ASVAB or (75) for each component of the WorkKeys exam.

    A college and career ready student can substitute the ASVAB or WorkKeys with benchmark scores from the ACT, Compass, and KYOTE.

    Part 2:  Technical

    To demonstrate mastery of skills and concepts taught in career and technical education courses, students have the option of taking the KOSSA (Kentucky Occupational Skill Standards Assessment) or successfully passing an Industry Certification.   While each Industry Certification varies, the benchmark for KOSSA is a score greater than (70).

    Why is college and career readiness important?

    Over the past three decades, the number of jobs in the U.S. economy that require postsecondary education or training has surged. More than 63% of jobs in 2018 will require some postsecondary education/training.
    For Knox County students to compete in a global economy, our workforce must be educated and have the skills employers demand. A more educated workforce means better jobs paying higher wages, lower unemployment and a higher standard of living for our next generation.