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  • Technology

    Electronic Access

    As listed in the Electronic Access/User Agreement Form provided to all parents and students (see front of this handbook), computer users shall comply with the District’s Internet and electronic mail rules and communicate over the network in a responsible manner while abiding by all relevant laws and restrictions. This includes the following restriction: computer users shall not use any Instant Messenger or email programs other than Exchange on school computers.

    Bring Your Own Device

    The Knox County Public Schools encourage teachers to utilize technology during instruction.  When appropriate, students may use their own technology devices on the Knox County Schools wifi network to complete class assignments.   Students will be required to log into the district’s filtering/monitoring software prior to being granted network access.

    Unless being utilized for instructional purposes, all devices shall be kept out of sight and silenced during school hours, including periods of transportation provided by the school system but excluding extracurricular activities. Any such item observed by school personnel, not being used for instructional purposes, shall be confiscated from the student in possession.

    Network Administrator

    Microcomputer Specalists

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