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    Kentucky’s preschool education programs are available for all four-year-old children whose family income is no more than 150% of poverty; all three and four-year-old children with developmental delays and disabilities, regardless of income; and other four-year- old children as placements are available based on district decision. The preschool program is designed to be developmentally appropriate for young children. “Developmentally appropriate” is defined in law to mean that the program focuses on the child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development, including interpersonal and motor skills. in Kentucky Preschool Program classrooms actively engage children so they will gain the skills and knowledge they need to enter primary school ready to achieve and excel at learning. Kentucky Preschool classrooms focus on the cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional development of each child.

    Preschool Curriculum and Assessment

    Building Blocks is a Preschool Mathematics Programs that is implemented in our preschools. This program builds a foundation for basic skills, provides repeated guided instruction, and age-appropriate activities.

    Teaching Strategies Gold is the assessment that in used for the preschools throughout the county. This assessment provides an authentic, observation-based assessment that creates a picture of each student’s individual progress. In addition to the Teaching Strategies Gold assessment, the Knox County Preschools uses district made skills checklists and unit instructional assessments.


    Knox County Preschool is on a different schedule than the other grades in the county. Our program is a full-day program, Monday-Thursday. There is no Preschool on Friday.

    Preschool Environment

    The Kentucky Preschool Program provides an environment that:

    • is nurturing and child centered

    • is staffed by qualified teachers

    • engages children with hands-on learning

    • promotes literacy and language development and pre-math skills

    • supports children as individuals

    • encourages children to explore, question and discover answers

    • allows for observation and recording of each child’s ongoing growth and development to plan activities

    • recognizes children as learners

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