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  • Food Service

    The Knox County School District takes part in the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act (2010) community eligibility option (CEO) which provides free breakfast and lunch to all students regardless of economic level. Parents/guardians will complete an annual household income form (HIF) as part of the district’s participation in CEO. HIFs will be distributed at the beginning of the school year. New students enrolling in the Knox County Public Schools must complete an application at the time of enrollment.

    All students are on the Offer vs. Serve Breakfast and Lunch Program.  Preschool students are

    Served family-style meals/snacks where appropriate.

    Under the Offer Vs. Serve provision the following conditions must be met for lunch: All five food items must be offered to all students Meat/Meat Alternate(1serving),Vegetable/Fruit (2servings), Bread/Bread Alternate(1serving), Milk (1serving). Of the five items offered, students may take all five items or select a minimum of three.

    Under the Offer Vs. Serve Breakfast, four items are offered: Milk (1 serving), Bread/Bread Alternate(2servingsor 1breadand1servingof meat/protein), Fruit and/or Vegetable item or juice. Of the four items offered, students may take all four items or select a minimum of three.

    School cafeterias sell a la carte items ranging in price from $0.50 to $2.00.  Items vary by school.

    Any student with an outstanding school food service balance prior tothe2011-2012school year is still responsible for the charges. All outstanding balances are delinquent and must be paid.

    Adults will not be allowed to charge meals at any of the schools. Adult lunches cost $3. Breakfast for adults costs $1.50

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