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  • Guide for Problem Solving

    The faculty and staff of the Knox County Public Schools are committed to connecting with students, employees, families and community members in meaningful ways that build engagement.  From time to time you may have questions about our school system and problems may arise that require you to reach out for additional information and resolution.This guide is to provide a systematic approach to problem solving in KCPS.   This “chain of authority and resolution” is here to expedite the problem solving process and to ensure that your question or situation is addressed by the appropriate staff.For example, if you have a concern about a class assignment that your child has, you should first talk to your child’s teacher.  If questions still exist, you should contact the school leadership followed by our Central Office if your question is not answered.We strive to provide an answer, or acknowledgement to your question, in a timely manner.  Thank you for your cooperation.Step 1:  Take Your Question to the Person Closest to the Problem

    No matter where the problem is, take your concerns there first.

    Whether on the field, the bus, or in the classroom, the fastest way to the solution is usually found with the staff who are the most directly involved.

    It is best to know your school personnel before a problem occurs.  Know who your children’s teachers, bus drivers, and coaches are and how to get in contact with them.

    If you must meet with a teacher, contact the teacher in advance and let the person know the nature of your concern.  Schedule an appointment to meet with the teacher.

    The problem you and your child face may simply be an oversight or a misunderstanding that can easily be corrected once it is brought it to the attention of the staff member.  Give that person a chance to fix the problem.

    Step 2:  Take Your Concern to the Next Level

    Within each school building, the principal is responsible for the supervision of the staff.  The Director of Transportation is responsible for school bus drivers.  Each of these is an example of the next level that you should contact if your problem remains unresolved.

    In addition, note that they will be better to help you if let them know the steps you already taken to resolve the issue.

    However, since they will not have ready access to the information they may need, it will require additional time to help you.

    Step 3:  Talk with District Administrators at the Central Office

    Our Central Office staff is here to provide support to our families.

    Step 4:  Talk with the School Superintendent

    Once you believe you have exhausted all efforts but still do not have resolution or a response, the superintendent is the next step.

    Please be aware that the superintendent want to make sure your issue is thoroughly investigated and resolved.  Because of this fact, we ask that an appointment be made to speak with the superintendent.

    Step 5:  Contact Your Board Member

    School Board Members are elected to represent the interest of all students and parents.  You should always feel free to express your opinion to them; however, they do not have direct authority for day to day school operations.  Board Members will always listen to your problems, but will generally send everyone though the proper channels listed above.